Eye Exam

How much does an eye exam cost?

Eye exams are available through an certified optometrist at Mi Optica. The cost of an eye exam can vary based on:

1- The tests that are included in the exam.

2- If you need a written prescription done by one of our Optometrists, we will charge a minum of NAF 35.00 for our services.

3- For a customer of Mi Optica, most exams are FREE.

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Do I have to go to an eye doctor or can you also do the eye exam?

Due to an old law, for Eye exams the government only can accept/recognize eye exams of eye doctors. But there are more and more companies/ firms that do recognize that we at Mi Optica have certified optometrists. And they will accept our eye exam as an recognized one for coverage of glasses and contact lenses.

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How can I make an eye exam appointment online?

Eye exams appointments are available online via this website. You have to be a customer already and we do need to have your email address on file.  If  not send us your email and request and will send you a personal password so you can make you own appointment with one of our optometrists.

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What is my insurance coverage?

Your coverage depends on the plan setup by your employer in accordance with your Medical Care. Your SVB seguro Basico or additional insurance plan will pay most part of your frame and glasses. 

It will not cover for eye exams done by our Optometrist, which most likey will be FREE when buying at Mi Optica. 

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I have SVB what do I need to do to get an eye exam?

When you want make an appoitment and use your SVB insurance, you have to have a referral from your general practitioner for your eye doctor. For you to buy your glasses/lenses you need a prescription from your eye doctor.

Not everyone with a SVB insurance will be entitled for a compensation for eyeglasses or contact lenses. This depending on which category you have, for example you have  "Seguro Basico" or "Ambtenaar" then you probably are in titled for some compensation.


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How Often Do I Need To Have An Eye Exam?

Annual eye exams are recommended as a part of preventative health care. You may be unaware of problems because there are often no obvious signs or symptoms. It is important to detect and treat vision problems early in order to maintain good vision and eye health. Consult with your Optometrist at Mi Optica about your particular vision needs.

Children's needs often vary, depending on individual age.

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