How long will it take for my glasses to be ready?

Most of the Bifocal or Multifocal Prescription eyeglasses will be ready within 10 business days total (7 processing days +3 shipping days).

With our standard single vision glasses, you will receive your mostly within ONE HOUR.

For any more questions Email us at [email protected]

What type of glasses do you offer?

We offer All kind of lenses: single vision , bifocal and multifocal in plastic, mineral,  polycarbonate, and hi index lenses for your regular eyeglasses.  We offer single vision polarized and non-polarized lenses for your sunglasses. 

For any more questions Email us at [email protected]

What is my insurance coverage?

Your coverage depends on the plan setup by your employer in accordance with your Medical Care. Your SVB seguro Basico or additional insurance plan will pay most part of your frame and glasses. 

For information on out of pocket cost and coverage, please for any more questions Email us at [email protected]

What is the Worry Free Protection Plan?

At the cost of $10 and 7.5% of the total cost, the Worry Free Protection Plan provides replacement of damaged frames and/or lenses with a discount of 80% copay. The term for the plan is 1 year starting at day 31, after the original date of pickup.

For any more questions Email us at [email protected]

Do you have lenses that darken in the sun?

YES we do, all Photochromatic, Transition 7 and Transtion Extra lenses are available in Mi Optica.

Ask us for the prices and difference in quality at [email protected]

How do I check the status of my order?

Please contact us at +5999-8885858 to check on the status of your order. Or Email us at [email protected]